Booking & how to get here


From the airport

Either way you go, tell the driver you want to go to Wairterang. In the unlikely case that does not ring a bell, tell them you want to go to Sunset Cottages (we are just next door) which is after Wodong and before Ankermie (both Cottages, too). We have a black sign. Or try to drop Marlenos name.

From Maumere Airport you can catch a car, no worries: they will find you. Usually they will charge between 150 000 – 200 000 IDR.

The more adventureous can take a Bemo, the mostly overpacked minibuses. To get one you need to leave the airport and make your way to the mainroad – just go straight. Then you need to find a white Bemo, just wait and make a gesture to stop one that is going to the right. If you are lazy to walk, catch a motorbike-taxi („Ojek“) from the airport to Lokaria (that’s the „busstation“ where you get the Bemos that go outside of the city). In Lokaria you hop on a blue Bemo and tell the driver to drop you in Wairterang, just next to Sunset Cottages – or say Marlenos place. The price for the Bemo is 5 000 IDR for each, since you change once it is 10 000 IDR to our place. The Ojek to Lokaria is also 5 000 IDR or sometimes 7 000 IDR, especially if you have difficult luggage.

You can also get a motorbike-taxi all the way to our place, but only if you don’t bring a lot or huge luggage. Be warned, it’s an 30-45 minutes ride. The price should be around 75 000 – 100 000 IDR.

From the West (Ende/Moni) by Bus

For those of you who come from the west by bus and made it to the bus that is going to Larantuka you can just remain seated until you see the SanteSante sign on your left. The Bus is going straight.
If the Bus ends in Maumere, you can either chose to find one that is going to Larantuka, or do the Bemo Limbo (see above).

By Motorbike

We are situated on the „Trans Flores Highway“, so if you come from the West just pass Maumere and drive for another 29 KMs east with direction Larantuka – until you see our sign on the left. You will have noticed some other Cottages and Homestays just close by, we are just next to Sunset Cottages. If you see „Ankermie“, you missed our place and need to turn and drive back for another 3-5 minutes.
From the East: after Talibura, you pass some small villages, if you see „Ankermie“ to your right keep driving for another 3-5 minutes and you`ve made it. If you see „Sunset Cottages“ or „Wodong Beach“ you drove too far, turn around …


In high season you should book in advance, we only have one room!
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In low season you can just give it a try and drop by.