People behind



We are Marleno, a Flores Original, and Katrin a german who did not make her way back home …
Marleno is a private Tourguide and has been working with tourist since over 10 years and is familiar with every part of the island. Wairterang is his home and he can tell you all about it. Katrin has been working as a graphic designer and decided to quit her day job to make a living in Indonesia. She set up a creativity school for kids in the village (Gambar Gambar hey!), she loves to cook and bake – so if you are lucky you will get her delicious bananabread for breakfast. And then there is Dala, our little beach girl who will always make our days very active and who finds going to the sea is always a good idea …

During your stay you will most likely also meet all of Marlenos (closer) family – and propably beyond that. His younger teenage brother Ivo comes around from time to time, checking out the situation and the people. His english is very very basic, but he will propably serve you some food or juice with a big smile and a shy „Excuse me!“. Mama Corina comes around to water the garden, to help cooking for our guests or just to see what’s going on – she will welcome you with the warmest smile and her very active grandchild Elsharawi will accompany her – he is gorgeous and not shy at all. Bapa Kong might hang out, fixing or building something, eating rice or reading anything that he can get his hands on.

Welcome to Sante Sante!

(To be fair: the picture was taken on Sikka Beach)