Beach Camping

For those travelers on a budget and outdoor affinity we offer tents to camp at the beach. We serve breakfast included and other food can be ordered. Attached to our Café we also have an outdoor bathroom open for campers to use. Enjoy the colourful sunsets and the calm atmosphere of Wairterang beach.   Booking…


We have a small bungalow for those who need a place to stay – maximum two people. We built it all with our own hands – so, don’t expect it to be perfect – but it has character. We used local material, the roof is made of palmleafs, half the walls are made of bamboo….

Café & Resto

We built a small Café / Resto / Homestay directly at the beach of Wairterang Bay. While sipping your juice or drinking your Beer you can lay in the hammock and enjoy the view of the islands just in front of our place. If you are not a hammock-person, we also have chairs.   We…


Yay! You have made it beyond Bali! We welcome you very much and hope you enjoy your stay! Flores has only recently become a major tourist attraction for Indonesia Travelers. Flores is the second largest of the Lesser Sunda Islands, an 800-mile long volcanic chain that stretches eastward from Java toward New Guinea. The best…

Flores Tours

Marleno is professional, private Tourguide from Flores and is very happy to show you around his home. Visit his Website to get more information on his custom tours Marleno Flores Adventure or come visit us at our place in Wairterang Beach, he will provide you with all information you need – doesn’t matter if you…

Booking & how to get here

From the airport Either way you go, tell the driver you want to go to Wairterang. In the unlikely case that does not ring a bell, tell them you want to go to Sunset Cottages (we are just next door) which is after Wodong and before Ankermie (both Cottages, too). We have a black sign….

People behind

Hi! We are Marleno, a Flores Original, and Katrin a german who did not make her way back home … Marleno is a private Tourguide and has been working with tourist since over 7 years and is familiar with every part of the island. Wairterang is his home and he can tell you all about it….